99 Names of Allah with Meaning and Images

Indeed all the names of Allah are beautiful and perfect and each name is having its meaning of own, these names of Allah are mentioned in the Glorious Quran.

Every individual Name of Allah comprises of perfect descriptions and attributes that contain absolutely no defect. They do not even suggest even a mere possibility of deficiency.

The post mentioned below has all the Names of Allah with their meaning, these names of Allah are placed in sequence along with the pictures.

Before starting with the glorious names of Allah, it is important to know the features of names of Allah.

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Features of Names of Allah
  • The Names of Allah are proper, each name having a meaning to their referring, description as according to the meaning they carry and benefit of its own.
  • If the name of Allah points to a transitive description, it is necessary to affirm three matters in that case
  1. That particular name.
  2. The attribute that the name points to.
  3. The ruling and necessary implications contained in the mentioned name.


That is why scholars stated that the prescribed punishment for highway robbers is lifted if they repent, based on the saying of Allah.

This is because the necessary implications of these two names are that Allah has forgiven them their sins and shown them mercy by lifting the application of prescribed punishment upon them.

  • The names of Allah can only be known through revelation. this is because there is no way of the intellect independently coming to know of them, Allah, Exalted says:
  • The names of Allah are not limited to a particular number, this is due to the authentic Hadith of Ibn Mas’ud reported by Ahmad and others. In this Hadith the Messenger of Allah said; I ask you by every one of your names with which you have named yourself, or which you have revealed in your book, or taught to anyone of your creation, or which you have kept to yourself in the knowledge of unseen.

    It is not possible to confine those names that Allah has kept with Him or to encompass them.

    As for the Hadith which mentions 99 names, its meaning is that whosoever memorises, understands and implements in his daily life, this number of names will enter the Paradise

Allah says in the Quran:

He is Allah besides Whom none has the right to be worshipped. In this sentence, the name regarded as one of the names of God is Allah.

This sentence informs us that He alone has the right to be worshipped and that none share this right with Him. Allah is the proper name of the One besides whom none has the right to be worshipped. Its meaning covers the meanings of all the other names.

99 Names of Allah Along with Meaning






Meaning of Ar-Raheem and Ar-Raheem
Ar-Raheem and Ar-Raheem both are in superlative forms derived from the word Rahman which means mercy. The two attributes mean the Beneficent, the Merciful. The former i.e Ar-Raheem is an exclusive attribute of Allah with which none but He should be described. The latter i.e Ar-Raheem can be used to describe other than Allah.



Meaning of Al-Maalik
The KING is He Who dispenses by His Self, His Epithets and His Attributes with any existing being; and is needed by everyone. Any king of the created beings can not dispense with everything because he is stricken with poverty to Allah, He is in earnest need of his subjects’ support, protection from his foes and enemies, and remedy from diseases and plights. Of course, only some of his people will need his power.

There are kingdoms of human beings, Jinn, and animals, and any kingdom is inevitably ephemeral; the king will either die or have his kingdom invaded or demolished by someone else. Allah is the absolute KING; He is needed by every single one of His creatures and He dispenses with everything. His Kingdom is everlasting and eternal, He is the Lord of Power and Authority as He is the Creator of all kingdoms. He possesses this world and the hereafter; on Doomsday all claims tumble and Allah calls, “Whose will be the dominion that day?” as no one answers, He says, “That of God, the One, the Irresistible!” (GHAFIR, 16). He grasps heavens and earth and shakes them vigorously saying, “I’m the KING, where are the kings of earth? where are the tyrants? where are the haughty?” (Hadith). Praise be to the Lord and Possessor of Existence, Glory be to the KING of all kings, the Possessor of every possessor or possessed; praise be to the KING, He is Allah.


    Meaning of Al-Quddus
    The One who is pure from any imperfection.


    Meaning of As-Salaam
    The one who is free from every imperfection. Some scholars stated that it means the One who delivers His slaves from perdition.

  3. AI-Mu’min

    The who is truthful with His slaves in His promises to them, and the One who gives security to His slaves against His punishment on the Day of Resurrection, in effect, providing them with security against fear.

  4. AL-Muhaymin

    The one who witnesses the sayings and deeds of His slaves whereby nothing escapes His divine attention.

  5. AL-‘AZEEZ

    The Defeater who is never defeated.

  6. AL-Jabbar

    The One who compels His slaves to abide by His commands and prohibitions.

  7. AL-Mutakabbir

    The One who is clear from the attributes of similarity with creation, and the One who is perfect in His being and greatness.


    The One who brings everything from nonexistence into existence.


    The One who creates out of nothing.

  10. AL-Musawwir

    The One who fashions His creatures in diverse and distinct forms.

  11. AL-Ghaffar

    The One who forgives the sins of His slaves repetitively.


    The Subduer who has the perfect power over all things.


    The One who is Generous in giving plenty without any return.

  14. Ar-Razzaq The One who creates and provides all kinds of provision for His slaves. There are two types of provisions: apparent (such as food) and hidden (such as knowledge).
  15. AI-Fattah  The One who opens, for His slaves, the doors of wealth and mercy.
  16. AI-‘Aleem  The Knowledgeable; The One whose knowledge covers all things, minute and great.
  17. AI-Qabid The One who, by His compassion and wisdom, withholds sustenance and other things from His slaves; and the One who seizes the soul at the time of death.
  18. AI-Basit The One who expands and widens sustenance for His slaves by His wisdom, generosity and mercy.
  19. AI-Khafid  The One who debases the tyrants and oppressors while also weakening them.
  20. Ar-Raafi’ The One who elevates the believers by making them happy and bringing them closer to Himself.
  21. AI-Mu’iz The One who gives glory to whoever He wills.
  22. AI-Mudhil The One who degrades and removes all means of esteem from whomever He wills.
  23. As-Sami’  One who hears all things.
  24. Al-Baseer One who sees all things.
  25. AI-Hakam The Ruler and the judge whose decision and judgment can never be rejected or appealed.
  26. AI-‘Adi  The One who is just and never influenced, by desire, into being unjust.
  27. AI-Lateef The One who is extremely Kind to His creation and is subtly aware of their needs.
  28. AI-Khabir One who knows the truth of all things.
  29. Al-HaIim The One who delays punishment for those who deserve it with the possibility of forgiveness.
  30. AI-‘Azeem The One deserving the attributes of glory, extolment, and purity from all imperfection.
  31. AI-Ghafoor The One who bestows much forgiveness.
  32. Ash-Shakur  The One who gives many rewards for little obedience, while also praising His obedient slaves.
  33. AI-‘AIiyy The One who is so High and Exalted that all statutes and degrees are far below His. Some say: He is so High and Great that His Being cannot be fully fathomed and His attributes cannot be imagined.
  34. AI-Kabeer The One who is greater than everything/ everyone.
  35. AI-Hafiz  The One who protects whatever and whoever He willed to protect.
  36. AI-Muqeet The One who has Power and provides sustenance to His creation.
  37. AI-Hasib  The One who gives the satisfaction.
  38. AI-JaIeeI The One who is attributed with greatness of power and glory of status.
  39. AI-Kareem The One who is infinitely generous.
  40. Ar-Raqeeb The One from whom nothing is absent.
  41. AI-Mujeeb The One who responds to the call of the supplicant and the one in distress.
  42. AI-Wasi’ The One whose wealth covers all and whose mercy encompasses all things.
  43. AI-Hakeem The One who is most wise with perfect knowledge of all things.
  44. AI-Wadood The One who loves and is loved by His believing slaves.
  45. AI-Majeed The One who beholds perfect generosity and nobility.
  46. Al-Ba’ith The One who resurrects His slaves on the Day of Resurrection for reward or punishment. It is also the One who sends (messengers to different nations).
  47. Ash-Shahid The One who witnesses all.
  48. AI-Haqq The One who is the truth.
  49. AI-WakeeI The One who attends to the needs of His slaves and guarantees their interests.
  50. AI-Qawiyy  The One with complete power and might.
  51. AI-Mateen The One with perfect and uninterrupted power whereby He is never fatigued.
  52. AI-WaIiyy The One who supports and loves His sincere worshipers.
  53. AI-Hameed The praised One who deserves the utmost praise.
  54. AI-Muhsin The One who accurately knows the number of all things and nothing subtle is hidden from Him.
  55. AI-Mubdi‘ The One who created all things without precedence.
  56. AI-Mu’id  The One who brings an end to all things, thereafter giving life to the dead (in the hereafter).
  57. AI-Muhyi The One who gives life.
  58. AI-Mumeet The One who renders the living dead.
  59. AI-Hayy The Ever-Living.
  60. AI-Qayyum The Self-Subsistent one who gives subsistence to His creation.
  61. AI-Wajid One who is rich and the one who never encounters poverty.
  62. AI-Majid The One who is perfectly great and generous.
  63. Al-Wahid The One without a partner or associate.
  64. Al-Ahad The Sole one
  65. As-Samad The Master who is relied upon in matters and reverted to for all needs.
  66. Al-Qadir The One attributed with absolute power.
  67. Al-Muqtadir It covers the same attribute as the aforementioned name.
  68. Al-Muqaddim The One who advances and manages things perfectly.
  69. Al-Mu’akhkhir The One who rightly delays things and puts them in their correct places.
  70. Al-‘Awwal The First whose existence is without beginning.
  71. Al-‘Akhir  Last whose existence is without end.
  72. Az-Zahir The One who prevails over all things and nothing is above Him.
  73. Al-Baatin  The One who is hidden from the sight and imagination of creation.
  74. AI-Wali One who owns all things and manages them.
  75. AI-Muta’ali The One who is greater than His praise and is far above all that the liars fabricate about Him.
  76. Al-Barr The One who is kind to His creatures through His mercy and compassion.
  77. At-Tawwaab The One who accepts and grants repentance.
  78. Al-Muntaqim The One who victoriously prevails over His enemies punishing them for their sins.
  79. Al-‘Afuww The One who overlooks the sins of His slaves.
  80. Ar-Ra’oof The One who is extremely Merciful.
  81. Maalik Al-Mulk The One whose dominion is everlasting. All things are done according to His wish and He maintains absolute control over all beings.
  82. Dhul-Jalaal Wal-Ikraam The Owner of Majesty and Honor; He honours His sincere slaves through His blessings.
  83. Al-Muqsit  The One who is ousted in His judgment.
  84. Al-Jami’  The One who gathers all on the Day of Reckoning; He is also the Reconciler between similar and dissimilar things.
  85. Al-Ghani The One who does not need any of His creation, but in turn, is needed by all.
  86. Al-Mughni The One who grants satisfaction to whoever He wills.
  87. Al-Mani’ The Supporter who gives victory to His pious believers. He withholds whatever He wills from whoever He wills and vice versa.
  88. Ad-Darr The One who allows harm to reach whomever He wills by His wisdom), for He is the Creator of all things, both beneficial and harmful.
  89. An-Nafi’ The One who allows the benefit to reach whomever He wills of His creation.
  90. An-Noor The One who gives guidance, through His Light, to the misguided; He is Self-Prominent and He gives prominence to others through His divine light.
  91. Al-Hadi The One who guides His slaves to the way through which they can know Him and thereby acknowledge His divine lordship.
  92. Al-Badi’ The One who created all with no prior precedence.
  93. Al-Baaqi  The One who is eternally existent, enduring beyond everything.
  94. Al-Waaris The One who remains after the demise of all creation.
  95. Ar-Rasheed The One who guides the creation to all that could benefit them.
  96. As-Saboor The One who refrains from the swift punishment of sinners.

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